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Digital Transformation...

Where do I start?

Delivering a CRM that adds value to your business

Fred Wilkinson

Chief Executive Officer

 BPI OnDemand

Michael Taylor

Chief Technology Officer

BPI OnDemand

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Once uploaded, our webinars are available any time, anywhere. This means that you don't need to organise a time within your busy schedule to watch a live webinar. We've taken that unnecessary stress away and instead, given you the choice of when and where you want to watch them. Feel free to pause, start from the beginning or grab a cup of tea because you can go at your own pace. Enabling you to understand and utilise the information; transforming your business into a welcoming community for your CX.

CX for B2B: 

How to make buying easy

Fred Wilkinson

Chief Executive Officer

 BPI OnDemand

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